15 Art Deco Style Bedrooms

Art Deco style has a long history that began in France and bloomed into a leading trend in Europe and the U.S. in the early 20th century. In the realm of interior design, Art Deco style was marked in part by the use of geometric shapes, stylized curves, atmospheric lighting, and lush materials like marble, velvet, brass, and chrome.

In recent years, the spirit of Art Deco has been embraced by many of today’s top interior designers. This “neo” Art Deco style for the 21st century uses the essence of the original aesthetic as point of departure and muse, adding a contemporary spin that makes it look fresh, original, and modern.

Check out these gorgeous Art Deco-inspired bedrooms for ideas on how to add a dose of this sumptuous, time-tested, and easy-to-love style to your home.

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Dramatic Headboard

Karel Balas & Paul Bowyer / Henrietta Hotel 

For this Art Deco-inspired bedroom at the Henrietta Hotel in London, French interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon created dramatic handmade headboards inspired by Milanese door frames. She used a pair of tall brass bedside lamps with retro Art Deco flair to frame the bed.

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Bold Geometry

Hotel Rose Bourbon  

This stylish room at the Hotel Rose Bourbon designed by Interior Stories by Elodie & Arnaud in Paris takes inspiration from the bold geometric patterns that define Art Deco design. The same black-and-white marble mosaic pattern is carried from the ensuite bathroom to the bedroom wall, creating a focal point and continuity. Bright brass sconces and an organic brass-framed mirror add brightness, velvet upholstery adds a luxe touch, and natural wood adds warmth.

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Maximalist Deco

Hotel Thoumieux 

This over-the-top Art Deco-inspired fever dream of a bedroom from interior designer India Mahdavi for the Hotel Thoumieux in Paris is a maximalist modern day take on the original style. The designer mixed Art Deco wallpaper with curvy wooden headboards, heavy velvet patterned curtains, vintage lighting, and a mix of materials from leather to marble to bamboo that gives the room a sense of decadence and character.

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Powder Pink

Dimore Studio / Hôtel Saint-Marc   

Milan-based interior designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci of Dimore Studio designed the Art Deco-style rooms at the Hôtel Saint-Marc in Paris like elegant private apartments. They used a mix of vintage furniture, custom art and decorative objects made by artisans in Murano, Italy, flea market pieces, and design classics to create a refined, streamlined atmosphere saturated with color.

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Curves and Symmetry

Karel Balas & Paul Bowyer / Henrietta Hotel 

French interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon used a mix of elements including mirror, fabric panels and hand painting to create custom headboards for this fabulous Art Deco-inspired bedroom at London’s Henrietta Hotel. The round shapes and curves create a sensuous atmosphere that celebrates one of the hallmarks of Art Deco design.

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Mixed Metals and Monochrome

Forbes + Masters  

In this home bedroom, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of interior design firm Forbes + Masters created an accessible take on modern day Art Deco glam with a fresh modern spin. “Lush textiles and reflective surfaces allow light to travel around the room,” say the designers. “Mixing metals gives this room the depth and warmth needed to accompany the simplistic monochromatic color palette.”

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Unapologetic Curves

Forbes + Masters 

Using an Art Deco original or reproduction piece of furniture like this curvy white dresser in a bedroom designed by Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of interior design firm Forbes + Masters is an easy way to add a dash of Art Deco style to any interior. The timeless Art Deco lines will mix well with mid-century and contemporary pieces to create an eclectic contemporary interior with a nod to history.

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A Dash of Panache

Romain Ricard / Hotel Panache 

Using whimsical Art Nouveau-style cane headboards, globe pendant lighting, and a mix of geometric shapes and patterns, French interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon has created a fresh take on Art Deco style at the Hotel Panache in Paris. Inspired by the building itself, which is built in the style of NYC’s Flatiron Building, the designer incorporated multiple angles in the shape of triangular mirrors, triangle-patterned carpets, and corner cupboards.

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Lush Velvet

Chzon / Henrietta Hotel  

At the Henrietta Hotel in London, French interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon created an eclectic Art Deco-inspired aesthetic with lush touches like a curvy velvet-upholstered headboard, and a custom terrazzo-patterned carpet skirted with Carrara marble. And to mix it up, she added a 70’s touch with custom Pierre Paulin-inspired armchairs upholstered in raspberry pink velvet.

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Shades of Blue

Dimore Studio / Hôtel Saint-Marc 

This sophisticated Art Deco-style room from Milan-based interior designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci of Dimore Studio at the Hôtel Saint-Marc in Paris is an enveloping cocoon of blues. Design details like doors rendered in mirror, brass, and lacquered wood paneling, sculptural globe bedside lamps, and mottled brass headboards create texture and interest.

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Wall Decor

Hotel Grand Pigalle  

To create a big design impact in a tight space, French interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon focused on the walls of this room at the Grand Pigalle Hotel in Paris, adding bold color, vintage sconces, and a wall-mounted mini desk with Art Deco style.

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Art Deco Echoes

Desiree Burns Interiors 

The pretty cane headboard in a high rise bedroom design from Boston-based Desiree Burns Interiors looks fresh and modern, but its rounded edges and use of caning is a subtle nod to the Art Deco era that adds a touch of softness and texture to a contemporary room. Mid-century style reading lamps on either side of the bed and timeless round black-and-white bedside tables complete the look.

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Soothing Blues

Paul Bowyer / Hotel Bachaumont 

This quiet streamlined take on Art Deco style from French designer Dorothee Meilichzon at the Hotel Bachaumont in Paris includes custom marble and wood desks, bespoke headboards upholstered with Frey fabric, retro globe lamps, and a soothing palette of blues.

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A Touch of 70’s Flair

Forbes + Masters

This retro modern guest room suite from interior designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of Forbes + Masters has boutique hotel vibes and “hints of retro 70’s glam flair,” the designers say, “with deep black textured walls, brilliant brass accents, low-slung lounge furnishings, and a bold mix of textiles and graphic prints set-off by a dramatic custom channeled bed.”

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Pattern on Pattern

Grand Pigalle Hotel  

A fun way to interpret modern day Art Deco style is by playing with a mix of patterns and finishes. In this high-spirited room from French interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon at the Grand Pigalle Hotel in Paris, geometric wallpaper and floor tiles is complemented by teal blue walls and glossy green shower tiles, with polished brass accents throughout.

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