Decorate According to Your Enneagram!

Every Enneagram type and its decor style, explained! So come one, and come all – including you, 4’s!

Type 1: The Reformer

Decor: Organized, Bright, Airy


You have a sense of style, and you know it. Choose each piece in your home for its cleanness, sophistication and brightness to reflect your personality – monochrome colors and simple silhouettes will cater to your organizational proclivities!

Type 2: The Helper

Decor: Hospitable, Plush, Comfy


You know how to host, and your home decor is proof. The pieces in your home, after all, are chosen for how comfy they are – how invited and welcomed they’ll make your guests feel.

Type 3: The Achiever

Decor: Purposeful, Industrial, Multi-tasking


If you’re going to decorate your home, you’re going to make it worthwhile, and the first room you’re going for is the home office. Go for unfussy, to-the-point furniture designed to inspire and keep you on top of your goals – industrial style is a great place to start!

Type 4: The Individualist

Decor: Natural, Different, Bohemian


Nothing makes your skin crawl like “decorating your home the traditional way” – so march to your own drummer by doing the opposite: bringing the things that belong outside, in. Embrace an overflow of indoor plants, and take your furniture along for the ride by choosing pieces in earthy hues, natural textures and recycled or reclaimed materials.

Type 5: The Investigator

Decor: ‘Tucked Away,’ Curated, Soft


If there’s one thing Type 5’s need – it’s their own personal niche. Carve one out of a spare corner of a home office or hallway, and keep colors soft and calming. (After spending some time in there, you’ll emerge refreshed and ready to take on the day!)