4 Ways to Bring Mid-Century Modern Decor Home

Each of these living room, dining room and office aesthetics has a mid-century interior design touch – whether it’s tapered legs, low profiles or a pop of color. Here, see for yourself up-close how the design styles are brought to life with just a few key details in dining tables, coffee tables, lounge chairs, credenza and more

yellow mid century decor example

Mid-century decor: Mustard yellow + neutral wood. Here, colors pop and don’t compete, and details like a tufted back and sculptural legs take the stage.

mid century modern room image

Mid-century decor: Sculptural decor. In modern design, simple, sculptural lines don’t just take up space – they define it.

mid century office

Mid-century home bar: Tapered legs. When the furniture legs look like they want to run away, you’re doing mid-century right.

mid century dining room

Mid-century dining room: Neutral colorsHere, the natural wood color and grain speak for themselves

A Futuristic Look

One of the best ways to understand the force behind the sudden surge that was mid century modern in the ‘50s and ‘60s is by taking a closer look at the global Space Race that was happening at the same time. When it came to space, and in particular successfully sending off an orbiting shuttle, the Soviet Union and the United States were in a head-to-head battle to see who could do it first.

The effects of America’s obsession with the future – and the science and tech associated with it – rippled onto a domestic level. Objects, clothes, homes and even TV shows (we’re looking at you, Jetsons!) took on a new, more futuristic life.

Rooted in Palm Springs

Just a couple hours’ drive from the bustling hub that is Los Angeles, Palm Springs quickly became the getaway spot for celebrities as showbiz boomed in mid-century Hollywood. As more and more vacation homes for the stars were built in the area, what was once an overlooked desert city grew to become one of the most luxe resorts in America. To this day, Palm Springs has not lost its “mid-century magic”; turn any corner to find an iconic low roof home here, a vibrant orange-and-brown color palette there and charming, 1950s-inspired, Warholesque wall art – everywhere!