Apartment Decor on a Budget

These affordable apartment style tips are easy to follow and will keep your space feeling refreshed without breaking the bank.

Coordinate Your Colors

In the bedroom, keep all the pieces in matching colors. This will make it easier to style more pieces in a smaller space while still maintaining a clean aesthetic. Also, make sure the color you choose carries style versatility; neutral shades that go with everything will make it easy to switch out affordable, seasonal decor without having to worry about clashing designs.

color coordinates

Choose Storage Furniture

Just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean it can’t be useful, as proved by accent furniture pieces with storage. From luxe leather lift-top ottomans to chic coffee tables with drawers, your apartment style and organizational options just got a whole lot easier.

fabric sofa

Incorporate ‘Gathering’ Designs

Make the most out of a smaller floor plan by ‘grouping’ furniture and décor. Designate different corners of one room for different purposes, and arrange furniture and decor accordingly. Sectioning off one area for a cozy lounging space, another for a home bar, and a third for a desk or reading nook merges three floor plans into one; plus, ‘gathering spaces’ – the act of sectioning off smaller groups of seating – creates a cozier feel, perfect for guests to ‘gather’ around.

gathering apartment
apartment deccor ideas on a budget this year 2021

Embrace Your (Counter) Space

Most apartments provide little to no space for a traditional dining table and chairs, which is why counter dining sets can be a total game-changer when it comes to apartment dining style. Taller in size than traditional dining sets, counter sets take up more vertical space – and less floor space. And because they are often smaller by design than traditional sets, they often come at more affordable price ranges. If you’re working with a small apartment dining area, incorporate a streamlined counter set to save you space and money – and keep your apartment style on-trend.

dining room sets