Pink And Blue Bedroom Ideas

Pink and blue is a pair made in heaven! Juxtaposing the saturation and appearance, these two colors, when blended, can totally create a vibrant and vivid appeal. In a way, these hues also make a number one option for the kids’ bedrooms – whether it’s a girl or a boy! So, now that summer is right around the corner – it’s more inspirational to throw a spark of pink and blue in your bedroom to imbibe a refreshing, cheerful, and fun-loving vibe.

However, not just restricted to the nursery, this color combination can also be used to create various moods in a bedroom. From daring and bold to soft and feminine – it all boils down to the kind of vibe you’re aiming to create. So, here is a list of awe-inspiring pink and blue bedroom ideas to take inspiration from.

1Glam Pink and Blue Bedroom

Glam Pink and Blue Bedroom

A fusion of pink, blue, and gold makes a great statement in a bedroom. It adds just the right amount of glam, contrast, and depth – while making your space appear quite characteristic and vibrant. Choosing a satin gold bed frame with a touch of gold on the lighting fixtures is the way to achieve a neutral, classy look.

And let’s not ignore the beauty of pink walls in juxtaposition with a blue bench and a unique abstract artwork!

2Kids’ Pink and Blue Bedroom

Kids’ Pink and Blue Bedroom

Does your baby daughter crave a pretty and cute pink bedroom that also has a tinge of blue? If yes – this is the bedroom idea to take inspiration from! The bedroom flaunts a dominant pink hue with just a touch of light blue round ottoman that makes the space feel more fun-loving.

Furthermore, an off-white shag rug and a blush-hued chair totally complete the palette.

3Farmhouse Pink and Blue Bedroom

Farmhouse Pink and Blue Bedroom

As mentioned earlier – the pink and blue bedroom has the capability to exhibit a fun-loving as well as formal and farmhouse vibe. And this is one such notable example! In amalgamation with wooden textures, barn doors, and vintage signboards – you can incorporate a spark of navy blue and pink on the bedding to achieve a distinctive look.

Although, you must remember to not style these two colors dominantly. Too much of this combo can mislead the Farmhouse vibe!

4Patterned Fun

Patterned Fun

There is an endless list of blues on the swatch. And if you have an admiration specifically for the quirky and eccentric ones – the aqua or cyan, this blue and pink bedroom is worth having an eye on.

Infusing patterns on the duvet and pillow cover in amalgamation with solid hues as an accent is a cohesive and seamless way to play with this palette. This idea also applies if you want to ignore solids in the bedroom!

5Bohemian Pink and Blue Bedroom

Bohemian Pink and Blue Bedroom

The bohemian interior design style is all about a free-spirited, laid-back, and vibrant vibe. To infuse a sense of creativity and vividness – a combination of blue, pink, and white will always play flawlessly.

So, have a look at this pink and blue bedroom idea! Isn’t it totally flabbergasting? The beaded chandelier merges with white and blue ceramics and an indoor plant to create a lively and homely vibe. At the same time, pay attention to the details!

6Cool, Fresh, & Airy

Cool, Fresh, & Airy

A light baby blue color has the potential to create an illusion of an airy, light, and bright space. It feels cool and calm – which is why it tends to push back the walls and make the room appear larger and enhanced. So, if you have the similar requirements – this pink and blue bedroom is something to watch out for!

Wouldn’t you want to relax in this bedroom after a long day at work? The cool blue walls complement a tinge of pink on the bedding to create a winter wonderland.