What Coffee Table Goes with a Gray Couch?

In the past several years, gray couches have exploded in popularity. And for good reason. These sofas are a great neutral that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the room’s design.

If you have a gray couch and are trying to choose a coffee table, there are many solid options depending on the style you like best.

Use these 8 ideas to find your perfect fit.

1Go Ultra Modern with a Concrete Table

Go Ultra Modern with a Concrete Table

While most organic style tables add a rustic look to a room, concrete is modern. And best of all, it matches every type of couch, including gray.

Consider a concrete coffee table like this to add texture and a contemporary flair to your living room. It has clean lines, and even though it’s on the smaller side, it still offers plenty of room for a cup of coffee and your favorite book.

2Try a Table that Combines Rustic and Modern

Try a Table that Combines Rustic and Modern

If you want to add warmness to your space without going too rustic, try a table that combines wood and metal.

From Crate and Barrel, this coffee table has a raw edge acacia wood top with a steel base in an antique black finish. The top comes in two stain choices: natural and gray. This table is one of the best choices for a gray sofa.

3Get a Traditional Look with Warm Wood

Traditionally styled living rooms are warm and inviting. They’re a great place to kick back and watch a movie or lounge on the couch.

If this is the look you’re going for, pair your gray couch with a wood table. The wood will warm up the gray making the room feel more inviting. 

4Bring in a Pop of Color with a Bone Inlay Table

Bring in a Pop of Color with a Bone Inlay Table

Bone inlay tables are beautifully crafted, usually by hand, with fragments of bone or shell to create a pattern. And aside from giving a room a high-end look, they’re also great for adding color.

If you want a coffee table that’s anything but boring, consider this one from Anthropologie. It has a brass base, a bone-inlay pattern, and is a beautiful shade of blue.

5Beautify Your Space with Real Wood

Beautify Your Space with Real Wood

High-quality wood coffee tables are a staple piece for the living room. Not only do they match all sofas, but they bring in texture and contrast.

If you’re interested in investing in a wood table, this one from Lulu and Georgia is a great option. It has a modern round shape, comes in two sizes, and features beautiful mango wood. It’s modern but still works with traditionally styled rooms.

6Add Storage with This Mid-Century Option

Add Storage with This Mid-Century Option

If you’re living in a small space, every square inch counts – which is why you should look for storage in your coffee table. 

This mid-century modern piece from Wayfair will provide storage, give your room a modern flair, and perfectly match your gray sofa. The table is high-quality reclaimed fir wood with hairpin legs.

7Use a Marble-Inspired Table to Add Elegance

Use a Marble-Inspired Table to Add Elegance

If you want a feminine, elegant, or glam look, marble and gold are the way to go. And if you’re short on space, nesting tables like this are the best solution.

These tables feature a marble-inspired top and brass bass. They come in a set of two. You can pull them out when you have guests or tuck the small one under the large table when you need to make space.

8Achieve a High-End Look with Quartz

Achieve a High-End Look with Quartz

It’s not uncommon to see coffee tables with marble tops, but quartz is harder to find. Quartz is a very durable stone that can give your space a high-end look.

This table comes from CB2 and features an acacia wood base with a white quartz top. It will effortlessly coordinate with any color gray sofa.