Wall Clocks to Enhance Your Home

Wall clocks initially sound boring as the décor item, but if you select it with care, then they can add more meaning to the room and character to the décor of the home. Some people have this passion for wall clocks and take real efforts to match the interior of their home with the perfect […]

Dazzling Interiors: Find Seven Awesome Wall Decorations For Your Home This Year

Life can get boring in no time. Our nature tends to inspire us with its creations; thus, we love to travel and explore. But home is our ultimate residence, and we need to keep it comfortable and attractive, so we spend the best time at home. If you’re anything like me, then seeing another ‘Live, […]

Hacks And Tips To Decor Your Home With Canvas Prints from PIXERS

Canvas prints and the artwork are becoming increasingly popular to decorate homes, offices, or any institutions. The canvas prints on the stretched canvas project an art-gallery effect as the canvas prints can create excellent visual effects of depth perception and viewing pleasure. Now choosing canvas print from so many options can be kind of challenging. So read […]

Should Your Kitchen Floor be Darker than Your Cabinets?

Your flooring and cabinets are two central components of your kitchen design – which probably has you wondering how to coordinate them. One common question we get is whether the kitchen floor should be darker than the cabinets. And luckily, the answer is no. Your kitchen floor should contrast your cabinets, but that doesn’t mean it needs to […]

Should Your Hallway be the Same Color as Your Living Room?

When repainting your house, it’s normal to want your paint colors to flow. Which might have you wondering – does your hallway need to be the same color as your living room? And the answer is no. You can use different colors if your hallway and living room aren’t one big space. But if you can […]

What Coffee Table Goes with a Gray Couch?

In the past several years, gray couches have exploded in popularity. And for good reason. These sofas are a great neutral that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the room’s design. If you have a gray couch and are trying to choose a coffee table, there are many solid options depending on the style […]

Pink And Blue Bedroom Ideas

Pink and blue is a pair made in heaven! Juxtaposing the saturation and appearance, these two colors, when blended, can totally create a vibrant and vivid appeal. In a way, these hues also make a number one option for the kids’ bedrooms – whether it’s a girl or a boy! So, now that summer is […]