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What Coffee Table Goes with a Gray Couch?

In the past several years, gray couches have exploded in popularity. And for good reason. These sofas are a great neutral that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the room’s design. If you have a gray couch and are trying to choose a coffee table, there are many solid options depending on the style […]

Pink And Blue Bedroom Ideas

Pink and blue is a pair made in heaven! Juxtaposing the saturation and appearance, these two colors, when blended, can totally create a vibrant and vivid appeal. In a way, these hues also make a number one option for the kids’ bedrooms – whether it’s a girl or a boy! So, now that summer is […]

Apartment Decor on a Budget

These affordable apartment style tips are easy to follow and will keep your space feeling refreshed without breaking the bank. Coordinate Your Colors In the bedroom, keep all the pieces in matching colors. This will make it easier to style more pieces in a smaller space while still maintaining a clean aesthetic. Also, make sure […]

4 Ways to Bring Mid-Century Modern Decor Home

Each of these living room, dining room and office aesthetics has a mid-century interior design touch – whether it’s tapered legs, low profiles or a pop of color. Here, see for yourself up-close how the design styles are brought to life with just a few key details in dining tables, coffee tables, lounge chairs, credenza and […]

6 Desert Decor Ideas to Keep You Reliving Your Sun-Soaked Vacation

Combine the warm, arid appeal of the desert with modern, comfortable furniture, and you’re left with unique desert decor. This style is influenced heavily by Mexico and the American southwest. It features everything from rustic materials reminiscent of cowboys (like leather and cowhides) to designs hailing from different cultures (like Mexican textiles and Navajo patterns). […]

5 Denim Furniture Ideas for Jeans-Lovers

Denim decor tips to appease even the most diehard of ‘blue jeans aficionados.’ Ah, blue jeans. An American icon of fashion that defines cool – and comfort. Who among us doesn’t have that one pair that’s worn-in just right, that’s always the first thing we ‘decide’ to wear when we really don’t know what to wear? Yes, the perfect pair of blue jeans […]

Bookshelf Ideas for a Stylish Home Library

Book yourself a trip to decoration heaven! Here are our best creative bookshelf decor ideas to bring out the best of your tomes. 1. Rustic Charm Forget the latest trends in whatever home magazine you subscribe to; dive deep into the world of vintage! In a bookshelf, rustic vintage decorative objects bring stories to rival […]


One look at your stylish kitchen with its labour-saving layout and beautiful finishes gives you a great feeling. But will it work just as you want it to? These must-have extras will make the foodie experiences you’re looking forward to an absolute pleasure. 1. Good Quality Kitchen Knives If there’s one thing that makes your […]


If you have a corner with enough natural or sourced lights, it may as well be an opportunity to place an armchair. The chair is perfect for relaxing with a book or as an extra seat. It is also an item of versatile furniture that can either mark a private area or a living room […]

Mission Furniture Style Guide

A look at the mission style of furniture and how to bring it home. Mission style furniture is often believed to be traced back to the 1890s, when the Spanish missions flourished in California during the state’s colonial period. While there are similarities between “mission style” and the California missions, the two are, in fact, […]