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Should Your Hallway be the Same Color as Your Living Room?

When repainting your house, it’s normal to want your paint colors to flow. Which might have you wondering – does your hallway need to be the same color as your living room? And the answer is no. You can use different colors if your hallway and living room aren’t one big space. But if you can […]

Apartment Decor on a Budget

These affordable apartment style tips are easy to follow and will keep your space feeling refreshed without breaking the bank. Coordinate Your Colors In the bedroom, keep all the pieces in matching colors. This will make it easier to style more pieces in a smaller space while still maintaining a clean aesthetic. Also, make sure […]

Decorate According to Your Enneagram!

Every Enneagram type and its decor style, explained! So come one, and come all – including you, 4’s! Type 1: The Reformer Decor: Organized, Bright, Airy You have a sense of style, and you know it. Choose each piece in your home for its cleanness, sophistication and brightness to reflect your personality – monochrome colors […]

5 Denim Furniture Ideas for Jeans-Lovers

Denim decor tips to appease even the most diehard of ‘blue jeans aficionados.’ Ah, blue jeans. An American icon of fashion that defines cool – and comfort. Who among us doesn’t have that one pair that’s worn-in just right, that’s always the first thing we ‘decide’ to wear when we really don’t know what to wear? Yes, the perfect pair of blue jeans […]


whether you want to improve your living conditions or whether you wish to add some value to your humble abode, the following home improvements are definitely worth your time, effort, and money. Here are four property renovation tasks that you should seriously consider undertaking: Cellar conversion Any home improvements that add living or storage space […]

Decorating on a Budget

To help you refresh your space without breaking the bank, we asked three designers for their top budget decorating tips + essentials. Here’s what they had to say! 1. Start with the floor. By: Danny Hsu  A strong canvas such as an area rug will keep your furniture pieces feeling defined and pulled together. Select […]


Are you looking for simple ways to update your home? A home renovation is the easiest way to bring style and functionality to your space and enhance its value. However, a total home makeover is expensive, time-consuming, and requires professional skills. Read on for eight quick and easy home updates that will not break the […]


Wall art prints, hangings and photos are the perfect finishing touches to bring your home together. Although it may appear to be a challenging task, locating, purchasing, and installing art pieces that you adore is well worth the effort. And while there are no hard and fast rules for decorating your home, following these basic […]

Sorry, But Open Floor Plans Are the Worst

Once upon a time, homes were built with closed-off, little rooms, with everyone and everything as separate as they could be. In the ‘90s, home building and interior design shifted to the ubiquitous open floor plan. The walls literally came tumblin’ down. Now we have big, beautiful spaces where it seems the house itself can […]

How to Decorate with Belgian Style

Simple, luxurious, and with a healthy mix of old a new elements, Belgian interior style is in a league of its own. Some compare the energy of a Belgian-inspired room to a shabby chic aesthetic, and while there are some similarities between the two looks, Belgian decor and design has a clean, exhale-inducing quality that sets it […]