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Decorate According to Your Enneagram!

Every Enneagram type and its decor style, explained! So come one, and come all – including you, 4’s! Type 1: The Reformer Decor: Organized, Bright, Airy You have a sense of style, and you know it. Choose each piece in your home for its cleanness, sophistication and brightness to reflect your personality – monochrome colors […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cheugy Trends & Why Designers Really Like Them

If you’re not familiar with the term “cheugy,” which has been making its way around the internet in recent months, you’re probably a millennial like me or just haven’t caught up on social media in awhile (and as someone whose phone is perpetually glued to their hand, I applaud your restraint). So let me take […]

5 Expert Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Stylish When You Live With 4-Plus People

Keeping your home looking both orderly and chic is never easy—even when you live alone! Add family members or a handful of roommates to the mix, and we totally understand that achieving this balance can pose a challenge.  However, you deserve to come home to a space that’s equal parts functional and beautiful, no matter […]

9 Designers Share Their Latest Purchases for Their Own Homes

Interior designers are experts at identifying items that will make their clients’ hearts sing. But there’s no way that the pros can source products all day and not grab a little something for their own homes every now and then, too, right?  We spoke with nine designers to get the skinny on their favorite recent […]