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Should Your Hallway be the Same Color as Your Living Room?

When repainting your house, it’s normal to want your paint colors to flow. Which might have you wondering – does your hallway need to be the same color as your living room? And the answer is no. You can use different colors if your hallway and living room aren’t one big space. But if you can […]

4 Ways to Bring Mid-Century Modern Decor Home

Each of these living room, dining room and office aesthetics has a mid-century interior design touch – whether it’s tapered legs, low profiles or a pop of color. Here, see for yourself up-close how the design styles are brought to life with just a few key details in dining tables, coffee tables, lounge chairs, credenza and […]

6 Desert Decor Ideas to Keep You Reliving Your Sun-Soaked Vacation

Combine the warm, arid appeal of the desert with modern, comfortable furniture, and you’re left with unique desert decor. This style is influenced heavily by Mexico and the American southwest. It features everything from rustic materials reminiscent of cowboys (like leather and cowhides) to designs hailing from different cultures (like Mexican textiles and Navajo patterns). […]


If you have a corner with enough natural or sourced lights, it may as well be an opportunity to place an armchair. The chair is perfect for relaxing with a book or as an extra seat. It is also an item of versatile furniture that can either mark a private area or a living room […]


Living rooms are considered a central focus of the home and often reflect the family and social life. The furniture, décor, colors, even how you arrange your entertainment all work together to create an inviting space that can be functional and stylish. Today, there are many style choices available that are not your typical living […]